Our Story

MaMa Organic Herbs was started because of my mother. She raised me with the same values that were instilled to her: Have kindness and compassion for all living things. From an early age, I had a sense of responsibility towards the earth. My mother helped to awaken my love for animals, trees, and plants as well as my devotion for helping those in need. My desire to be a vigilant caretaker of the planet earth is all because of her.

I gave birth to two children. This is when I decided to find the most wholesome and natural products to nourish and nurture them with. I wanted them to be free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Through my search, I became more interested in all-natural products. We were helping to protect the healthy futures of our daughters while promoting a lifelong passion for living lightly on the resources of the planet.
My mother died at the young age of 52 and so it seemed only natural to honor her by carrying on her life’s work of providing and caring for nature. For 20 years, my mother was passionate about preserving the earth. MaMa Organic Herbs was born.

The name “mama” means mother, though we spell it “MaMa” which is a play on the first two letters of both of our children. This helped to further establish the legacy.

The mission behind forming MaMa’s Organic Herbs is not simply to earn a living. It is to protect the planet earth and teach people that they can be responsible through the products that they purchase. I want my children to understand how to protect and save the earth through the use of all-natural and wild-harvested products and how the earth can be protected for this generation as well as future ones by providing a clean and healthy environment to thrive in.

My children will grow up learning how to grow plants, and herbs in an environment free from harmful chemicals. They will be able to grow healthy plants without using harmful chemicals that could destroy an otherwise healthy ecosystem. Our belief is that if we are good to the Earth, the Earth will in turn be good to us.

MaMa Organic Herbs is driven by our passion for humans, animals, and the environment. We will introduce you to the wonderful world of bath and body products – that do not contain any synthetic chemicals or preservatives. We are constantly growing our line to provide more for you that uses minimal resources of the Earth and that are all healthy and natural to use.

A portion of our proceeds is donated to organizations around the world that serve the physical, spiritual, and environmental needs of the earth.

If my two children can do their part to save the Earth and make it a more beautiful place to live, so can you!